Automation Guide

Have you ever had an account with 25k followers start following your Instagram account? Chances are if you check back in a few days they will have unfollowed your account. there is a good chance they use Instagram automation software.

There are a lot of Instagram users out there growing their accounts at lightning speed. Most likely some of your competitors are using Instagram automation to grow their accounts. It is one of the fastest ways to grow your new Instagram accounts.

How Instagram Automation is Helpful:

Instagram Automation allows you to quickly engage your account with extremely targeted users. If you are posting high quality, engaging content, you can get between 100-400 followers daily. If you are good at setting your parameters, 70-80% of those users can be very relevant followers. Instagram automation also helps you save an incredible amount of time and money. Most people can not afford to be on Instagram 8+ hours a day, nor can they afford to pay someone else to be. This can allow a small business to stay more competitive with a huge brand that can afford to pay someone to do that kind of work. Automation software software is especially helpful to help you get an initial 25,000-50,000 mostly active users within a few months. That is typically the most difficult part of growing your account. When someone sees your account and you have 1000 followers, they are way less likely to follow or interact with your content than if you have 5,000-10,000 followers. Your first 10,000 followers give credibility to your brand.

How to effectively use our Instagram Automation:

Unlike majority of competitors who will set your account on their default settings, our automation service allows you to choose your own settings and speed, one thats effective and comfortable for you. We promise to have the most filters of any competitors, allowing you to choose the target audience that best fits your demographic leaving unwanted spam followers out. We allow you to choose via competitor usernames, hashtags and even specific locations! What that means is we will interact with the people that follow your competitors in your specific niche, use a certain hashtag, or have been in a specific location. Our system even allows you to choose how many likes, comments, follows/unfollows and even Direct Messages you want to do daily. Below is some more information on how our software works.


Has been rigorously tested through trial and error for several years using our advanced marketing techniques. Our service uses legitimate marketing techniques to increase your exposure to active targeted Instagram subscribers. We are proud to present to you the finished product. 


By liking hundred to thousands of posts, every day, you will be gaining massive amounts of exposure by appearing in people’s notifications. Like photos tagged with #photoshoot, or all photos geo-tagged at your store.


By automating your commenting to your target audience, you can help start conversations or promote your business. Things like “Awesome photo, use BLACKFRIDAY10 for 10% off!” or “Let’s collaborate!” are easy attention grabbers that will direct further traffic to your page.


Following is a very strong method to grow your Instagram. By following others, they have a very high chance of following you back. You can follow people who checked-in at your restaurant, or follow people who check-in at your rivals restaurant. The possibilities are endless.


Direct Messages are most useful for getting feedback or learning about your target audience. You can also use this feature to expand your network or provide better customer service. Advanced Targeting Features Our agency utilizes the same intelligent software that is already in use by your favorite celebrities and public figures. 


Target Instagram followers or the followings of specific usernames! Simply let us know the usernames you wish to target, and we can ensure your growth is relevant and beneficial!


Do you just want to get more Instagram followers and engagement from your area? We can target followers from country to city, town or even specifics like the newest nightclub on the block to your favorite designer clothing store.


Our content filters can rule out all of the spam and inappropriate content, or only have you interact with popular accounts and followers relevant to target audience